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27 Aug CT After Action Report 
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Post Re: 27 Aug CT After Action Report
lets get these decklists rollin'!


3 amends
3 fylgia
2 sky
2 atone
3 sentinel gargoyle
2 bludgeon
pinions vice

3 altus cloak
3 giant toad
3 cloudracer
3 dancing scimitar
2 blacksand trap
2 collapsing bow
2 gloves of mischief
shifts and gears
xantins ward
hood of distraction
jeweled spider web

3 fancy footwork

i went 4wins-0 loses-1 tie, placing 1st after swiss. In top 8 i was smacked around by bigred's brymin in 2 fairly close matches. i found myself questioning the necessity of atone in some of my matches, and often times cursed that i didnt have more sky. there were some games where i thought that amends was necessary, while he seemed kinda lackluster when i was stealthed into my opponents ranks. ultimately i feel i did so well do to my altus cloak and my opponents lack of item hate. Not sure what i would change in the deck, possibly i would add steady aim or pickpockets and drop my bow. reconnaisance would also be a good addition but idk. i need to playtest some games with pilfer also, and maybe add wrath. i thought about bringing this deck to GenCon, but was laid up in bed with my wisdom teeth out that weekend....

shout outs to NoodlesKaiser and the URI crew, and a very special thanks to my gurl Irene for leaving me without power for 72 hours and still going strong :thumbsdown:

Only a true master of the 2-handed Monkey Style can effectively use the Sword Chucks.


NirvanaTool wrote:
Does that REALLY say "once per target per turn?!"

maverrick77 wrote:
When that guy first came out, people were like "19AC?! How you gonna hit that!"

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Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:41 am
Inner Circle
Inner Circle
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Post Re: 27 Aug CT After Action Report
Commander Kaiten
Alexa Genecourt
Caleb the shifter
Inquisitor Chroneus
Blacksun Shieldman
Genecourt initiate

3 Xaros the mist
3 Ghed hedrix

2 bruntor's helm
2 engraved plate
2 havat-lahn stance
3 backbiter
2 the dark horse
2 verdatha mount

2 Onslaught
2 call verdatha
2 once again
2 sudden reversal
2 obliterate
2 goodwife's parry (The good wife's cookbook)
2 bear's soul
2 thrust
3 great cleave
3 divine barrier
3 coup d'arret

I went 3-0-2 making the cut to top 8 then lost against Morghen the Unliving taking 6th
Beat: shah'sys (Josh), drasek and brymin (Sean)
Lost to: pinion and gudlefiur (meatloafman91/Andrew), friggin derves . . .

MVP card for whole tourney was Ghed hedrix against Shah'sys (Josh Hart) after our round was over in a for fun game. At the end of turn 2 he redirected the last strike tossed at me, got hit, and played goodwife's parry, next turn he reacted again, played another wife, then sudden reversal'ed a 3rd strike, getting hit a 3rd time and finally dying.

This event was a lot of fun, looking forward to more!

Oremm wrote:
Galam goes around killing things all willy-nilly, so the charges get silly

Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:03 pm
Outer Circle
Outer Circle
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Post Re: 27 Aug CT After Action Report
CaptainYumYum wrote:
Even if you don't play it in the tournament, I would love another chance at that Drasek deck. Was a very intense game, and I promise to roll like the devil once more.

Anytime. Glad to know that the desire to smash my face in extends past my own local play group :D .

I can't find my decklist that was posted when I won the CT winter campaign, now I have to write it out T__________T

Narutep x2
Brine Fiend X3

Cure Lethal x3
Soothing Waters x2
Purify x2
Bribe x3
Meet at the Inn! x3
Minor Miracle x3
Final Blessing x2

Scepter of Life x1
Ring of the Savant x2
Fountain of Tears x1
Mollusk Helm x1
Storm Wolf x1
Totem Crawler x1 (I should probably put something better in than this)

Ashreign x1
Pyrothraxas x1
Causticus x1
Blackwind x1
Ebonscourge x1
Dragon Turtle x1
Verdigris x1
Drasek Za Furious x1
Dread Fang x1

Aguas x1
Zahlmeister Corr x1
Ivaas x1
Fylgia x3
Lady Tornhawk x1 (think I am going to switch to the lvl 4 dog)
Titan x2
Bem Kaundodo x1

Sorry for the notes next to the cards but I want to remind myself to change some stuff up in the deck.

I went 3-1-1 in Swiss and my only two losses were to backbitterrrr....I mean Brymin (in swiss to Steve and in the top 8 to Matt). My tie was to dirty bird Brian and Pinion. Anyway Drasek was a poor choice considering the meta but I managed to Mister Magoo myself into the top 8 :oops: .

Zeath wrote:
"Matt's got this in the bag"

Hedge wrote:
I am sorry resto, but it is you who sucks at English.

Play some warlord, Sundays and Thursdays at:
Game On
943 Namquid Drive, Warwick, RI 02888-5139

Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:32 pm
Fails DC 2's
Fails DC 2's
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Post Re: 27 Aug CT After Action Report
First thank you to the top 8 that post they're own lists, been wicked busy. Here's 1-6:

1ST Place Matt Bush

Brymin of the Marches
Caleb the Shifter
Alexa Genecourt
Genecourt Initiate x3

Ghed Nuri X3
Xaros the mist X3
Ancestral Wraiths X2
Ghed Hendrix X2

Backbitter X3
Engraved Plate X2
Bruntor's Helm X2
Havat-lahn Stance X2
Griffon of Misear X1
Rellion Trueberd X1
Wyvern Stead X1
Verdatha Mount X1
The Dark Horse X1
Warhorse X1

Onslaught X3
Great Cleve X3
Bloodthirsty X3
Obliterate X2
Outmatched X2
Seek out thine Enemy X2
Bearsoul X2
Taking Trophies X2

2ND Place Dan Mchen With held at runners request

3RD Place bschloss Pinion (posted above)

4TH Place Forrest Gray

Morghen the Unliving
Dythanus Essence
Amatria Tasniq X2
Shadith Glenn X2

Moldering Cur X3
Tyyphera X2
Remorna X3
Cyrus Netheryn X2
Nothiel ElestraX3
Ayaaba Waverunner X1
Green Hag X2

Ring of Vorn
Shroud of lost Souls
Bracers of Deflection
Flying Carrpet
Necklace of Spell Storing X2

Incinerate X3
Elemental Bolt X3
Lighting Bolt X2
Heavens WrathX2
Vemon Vines X3
Teleport X2
Power Word Kill X2
Disinegrate X2

5TH Place Noddles Kaiser (Posted above)

6TH Place Restomagus (Posted above)

7&8 Coming Soon!

We Play at the Battle Stanard in Manchester CT find us here:

Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:26 am
Jester's Demise
Jester's Demise
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Post Re: 27 Aug CT After Action Report
GO BIG RED :w00t: :w00t:

2009Top elf gencon, 4e single's champ gencon,
2011 dragonlord runner and bringer of PAIN,playtest team member,
gixu slayer, chicago winter campaign champ, MN winter campaign champ ,
another gixu dead #2,Oneiroi slayer Gen Con
2013 Medusan Runner of Draxxon the stormbreaker
Gencon 2013 karz belgala slayer

Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:40 am
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