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Doomtown is back! 
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Post Re: Doomtown is back!
Well, you'll want to consider your win condition. Yeah, you need more control than opposing influence, but are you going to try and flood the board with control, eliminate the opposing influence, or some combination of the two?

Morgan is probably strongest generating control points, probably followed by Sloane. Sloane and Law Dogs probably have the strongest shooters for eliminating influence. 4th Ring... I'm not really familiar with them.

So once you have your win condition, you'll need to consider if you are going to focus on a theme, like Hexes, Gadgets, movement, Wanted. Hexes and Gadgets require high values, so that will push your deck construction in certain ways. Movement will likely involve Hearts for attachments at this point.

If you are going to flood the board with control, you probably don't care so much about shootouts. Yeah, you still want to win, but you're going to be trying to avoid battle. Lots of Diamonds, a balance of Hearts and Clubs, and a few Spades. Your best consistent hand will probably be a flush of Diamonds. Maybe straight flush if you can get enough cards in a shootout.

If you're going shooting, you'll want to tune your desk to consistently get a Dead Man's Hand, Four of a Kind, or Straight Flush after say... 8 or 9 cards. Anything less than a full house after that kind of draw and you'll be hurting. You'll probably be focusing on Clubs for the actions. Your club selection will depend on your playstyle and personal preference. Splash in a few hearts, a few more diamonds and spades, and you are all set.

Add two jokers.

Now... Cheating... Well, if you want to play Law Dogs, you've got some decent Cheatin' hate built in to the faction. You'll probably want to splash a couple of Cheatin' cards in to keep your opponent honest/guessing. Your options are pretty limited, though. Coachwhip! is probably the best one around.

Now starting dudes... You'll want at least three influence, preferably 4 or 5. You'll want a maximum of one upkeep at the start. You'll probably also want a surplus of at least three or four ghostrock after buying your starting posse. Travis Moone if you are running light on deeds and do plan on having some kind of economy.

And yeah, the economy is generally slow to get started at this point.

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Post Re: Doomtown is back!
We played another game that was much more drawn out this evening. We used different starts in each deck. Don't remember what my buddy Brian used in Law Dogs, but I traded out Pancho to use the Sloane member that can't be refused for call outs when he's wanted. Our economy wasn't has strained maintaining the upkeep and things seemed to run better on that end. Brian just couldn't draw Dead Man's Hands in Carter's deck to save his life though.

I really like the Sloane's since they seem to just thrive on shootin people. I find Barton to be an MVP in that Sloane deck I posted earlier and I'll probably tinker with it as a base to build my own. I think I'd like to focus more on dudes with that deck because a lot of times I just kind of feel open if I don't have a lot of dudes on the board.

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Post Re: Doomtown is back!
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