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Shattered Empires Rules Updates 
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Post Shattered Empires Rules Updates
Several updates were made with the printing of the rulebook for the expansion.
This is a breakdown of each one, which fall into one of three categories: changes, clarifications and cleanup.


Under Building Your Deck, we added Daemonlord to the list of traits limiting certain types of characters that you can have in your deck.

Under Equip An Item From Your Hand, we changed the last sentence of the first paragraph to avoid any confusion about 'equipped items' vs 'attached cards' - items are not attached.
(( You might consider that a clarification rather than a change, but with the expansion's use of face-down attached cards (and their removal), we want to be clear. ))

Under Equip An Item From Your Hand, we added Stance and Trap to the list of Equip Locations.

Under The Feats and Scribe, we removed the 'as if it were in your hand' clause. A scribed spell comes from the character, not from your hand - and doesn't need to pretend to do the latter.
Why? Because part of performing any action card is putting it into play, so you have somewhere to place the card - no more worries about where the card was before you started performing it (AKA 'casting from limbo'). This is similar to equipping cards straight from the discard pile and so on.


Under Wounds, Hit Points & Dying (which itself was renamed from Wounds and Hit Points), in the last sentence, we spelled out 'attached actions' rather than just saying that 'equipped items and actions' go to the appropriate discard pile. Obviously, action cards are not equipped to a character - they get on there by being attached.
(( Of course, I now realize we should've included face-down attached cards in that statement as well - please play as if we had. ;) ))

Under Performing An Order, a change was made that honestly was slightly right and slightly wrong.
Adding the colon after 'one of the three Standard Orders' was correct, since the first three bullet points are the SOs.
But by saying 'one of the three' without noting that there are also two non-standard orders (bullets 4 and 5), might lead to some confusion.
Ideally, the section would read,
When you want one of your characters to perform an Order, they may do any one of the following:
  • Perform one of the three Standard Orders:
    • Perform an Attack
    • Equip an Item from your hand
    • Maneuver
  • Perform an Order from an action card in your hand
  • Perform an Order that is already in play

Under Equip An Item From Your Hand, we changed the first sentence of the second paragraph to say "and with the correct trait" instead of "and with the same trait". Items aren't always restricted by a single trait.

Under Pass, we changed references to the turn ending to the phase ending.
(( The pass section was originally written before the 5th Phase existed in the rulebook, and we missed updating it. ))

Under Reacts, in the second paragraph, we changed the first sentence's "an action printed on a character, action or item in play" to "an action printed on a character or item in play, gained from an attached action card". Not a big change, since the action card is still in play and all. But we felt it was needed because of way action cards that attach themselves word how the character "gains the ability."
(( And, yes, we aware that a similar sentence in "Perform An Order Already In Play" needs the same modification. Again, please play as if we had. ;) ))

Under Planar, we changed the final sentence to state that only strikes that are performed as a part of the effect of an action ignore the Planar trait. If the strike isn't performed pretty much *right then* then it won't ignore the trait.
In other words, Divine Barrier, Fell Blow, and Raze still ignore Planar, and Blessing of Swiftness and Burning Hands still do not (i.e. the individual card rulings have reached the rulebook).

Under The Feats and Stealth, we put the (DC 20) into the react's effect text and changed 'and once per turn' to 'plus once per turn' in the final sentence.
No explanation necessary, I hope.

In the Glossary, we rewrote Rank Requirements to be useful and meaningful to characters like Ghed Nuri and actions like Bribe.


Under 4th: Decree Phase, we changed 'Pass' into a bullet-point from a full sentence. (( It's still not an actual decree though, as it says in its section. ))

Under Actions Vs On-Going Or Static Effect, we removed the parenthetical note about re-checking the validity of the trigger, since that is also part of the final sentence of the paragraph.

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