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Paladin of Spirit and Severed Death Knight 
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Post Paladin of Spirit and Severed Death Knight
I know this is largely inconsequential these days but never the less, I'm playing it for the first time and so I'm probably going to be adding a few things along. If you have anything you're interested in seeing that is elf related PM me. Feedback is always appreciated.

Paladin of Spirit

BAB: +11
Special Ability:
Blessed Armament (Consecration)
Rebuke Undead
Membership: House Syneri
Iron Will
Knowledge (Religion): 11
Must be a living elf or half elf
Lawful Evil

Good Base Attack Bonus (+1 / level), Good Fort and Will Saves, Poor Reflex save, HD: d8

Skills: (3 +Int modifier)
Concentration, Craft, Heal, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Religion), Profession, Ride, and Spellcraft

Though the Church of the Storm prevents any paladin organizations from rising, with one notable exception, sometimes things happen. House Syneri has a long and distinguished line of Paladins throughout their history and many of the Paladins in House Syneri have a dedication to the Element of Spirit unmatched by other elves.

First Level:
Paladin Progression:
A paladin of Spirit may freely multiclass between this prestige class and the Paladin class. In addition, levels of this class stack with paladin levels for purposes of spellcasting, rebuking undead, blessed armament and the sword spirit racial ability (if the paladin is an elf, half elves do not gain that racial ability). For example: A tenth level paladin, third level paladin of spirit counts as thirteenth level for determining spell casting ability, rebuking ability, consecrated armament, and sword spirit capabilities.

A paladin of Spirit serves the most unfathomable of the elements, and its worship draws him away from common people. He suffers -1 per class level on all charisma based skills for anyone who does not worship Spirit (virtually all non-elves). This includes intimidate, the paladin is not becoming scarier, just more unfathomable and more unable to fathom normal individuals.

Third Level:
Spirit's Own:
A paladin of Spirit begins to give himself wholly over to Spirit by this time and because of that Spirit guards the paladin. Any attempt to influence the paladin's mind or behavior, including but not limited to attempting to change his alignment, automatically fail.

Fourth Level:
Touch of Spirit's Blade
At 4th level the Paladin of Spirit may be reconsecrated (with the same ritual) to gain the Icy Burst special ability.

Fifth Level:
Strand of Life:
At 5th level, the Paladin of Spirit is connected to life by only the thinnest of strands, and becoming a severed death knight is within his grasp. When he gains sufficient experience to advance a character level, he may chose not to gain levels in any class (though his character level still increases by one). Instead he becomes a severed death knight and gains that template.

Severed Death Knight:

“Severed Death Knight” is a template that can be added to any elf or half-elf (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). The creature's type changes to undead and it gains the subtype Severed. It uses all of the base creature's statistics and special abilities, except as noted here.

HD: Increase to d12, rerolling previous HD as needed.

Speed: As base creature.

Armor Class: Natural armor is the same as the base creature, but applies only to ethereal encounters. When a death knight chooses to manifest, its natural armor value is +0, but it gains a deflection bonus equal to its charisma modifier, or +1, whichever is greater.

Attacks: A Severed Death Knight retains all the attacks of the base creature.

Damage: Same as the base creature if the Death Knight is not incorporeal. Against Ethereal creatures, a death knight uses the base creature's damage value as normal. The death knight can not ordinarily cause physical damage to non-ethereal creatures while himself incorporeal, except as noted below.

Special Attacks: A Severed Death Knight retains all the physical attacks of the base creature, and remains fully corporeal, including the ability to touch and be touched by others, and also gains the following special attacks (all DCs are Charisma based, using 10 + ½ HD + Chr modifier):

Frozen Flame: A Severed Death Knight may control fires in its area, putting them out and turning the very flame into shards of ice. It may destroy 5 cubic feet of normal flame, or one cubic foot of magical flame per round.

Immaterialize: Though they are still material creatures, Severed Death Knights may cross into the ethereal plane as a normal action, becoming incorporeal in the process. An immaterial Severed Death Knight may not strike at material opponents nor can material opponents strike at it while it is immaterial. Incorporeal creatures may attack an immaterial death knight normally. An immaterial Severed Death Knight's touch spells never work on incorporeal targets.

Presence of Frost: When a Severed Death Knight walks its footprints turn the ground to frost. If they remain in one place for long it turns icy and snow gathers on the ground. Wild and even domesticated creatures will not approach the area where a Severed Death Knight dwells, as they can sense the unnatural cold. Any living creature within (the Severed Death Knight's hit dice) feet of the death knight must make a fortitude save each turn or suffer the effects of a slow spell for that turn.

Spell Like Abilities: A Severed Death Knight gains a small number of spell like abilities, cast as a spell caster of level equal to its hit dice. At will: Detect invisibility, Detect Magic. 2 / day: Animate Dead, Dispel Magic, Wall of Ice. 1 / Day: Cone of Cold.
In addition, once per day a death knight can use any power word spell (though only one power word may be used per day, regardless of type used).

Blessed Armament: If the Severed Death Knight has the blessed armament class power any weapon so empowered gains the Frost and Ghost Touch magical abilities in addition to its normal powers. Severed Death Knights without the blessed armament class ability gain no benefit from this power.

Ghostly Equipment: All a Severed Death Knight's equipment gains the Ghost Touch special ability when he becomes a Severed Death Knight. This does not apply to any equipment he gains after the transformation, nor to anything that was not on his person at the time of the transformation.

Special Qualities:

Blindsight: The death knight can ascertain the location of creatures by non-visual means, even in darkness.

Control Undead: The Severed Death Knight gains the ability to rebuke undead as a cleric of half his hit dice. If he already has this ability, increase his effective hit dice by 2 when attempting to rebuke undead.

Damage Reduction: 15/ Magic

Immunities: Death Knights are immune to cold and polymorph effects as well as the usual undead and severed immunities.

Turn Resistance: As all Severed they gain +4 turn resistance.

Saves: As the Base Creature.

Abilities: A Severed Death Knight gains +4 to Strength, Constitution, and Charisma.

Skills: A Severed Death Knight gains +8 to Listen, Move Silently, Search, and Spot checks. They loose all ranks in animal empathy and handle animal.

Feats: A Severed Death Knight gains the alertness feat.

Organization: Solitary or with other elves of House Syneri.

Climate / Terrain: Any, though see the Presence of Frost special attack.

Challenge Rating: +2

Treasure: Double Standard

Alignment: Always Lawful Evil

Religion and churches are horrible things thought up by humans to judge and persecute those whom are not of their religion. They allow for fanatics to ruin a perfectly good faith by taking out extreme actions in the name of their god.

Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:46 am
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Post Re: Paladin of Spirit and Severed Death Knight
Great job. He needs an Undead Steed, but he is so empowered that adding a steed may be over the top.

Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:22 am
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