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Alterations to the Shaman Class 
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Post Alterations to the Shaman Class
Feel free to use the following alterations to the Shaman class in order to make it, let us say, playable:

pg. 59, Spells: Ignore the current text under Spells. Instead replace this with the following text: A shaman casts arcane spells similarly to a Wizard. A Shaman prepares spells in a unique manner unlike any other spellcaster. A Shaman must prepare spells ahead of time by taking time to invest his magical might into a series of fetishes. Each spell prepared requires a number of minutes equal to the spell's level. 0 – level spells require 30 seconds to prepare. To prepare a fetish, the shaman selects a spell to invest into the fetish, and he must have an Intelligence score equal to 10 + the invested spell's level. A fetish must be in some way related to the spell to be cast: a stone to cast the spell Stone Hands, a bit of wool for Sheep's Clothing or a necklace of teeth to cast Viper's Strike. Once the fetish is prepared, any character may use it, though it must be freely given to that character by the shaman. Non-shaman characters who cast a spell from a fetish have an effective caster level equal to half their character level. No character may cast a spell with a level greater than 10 + his Intelligence modifier, even when using a fetish. These fetishes are permanent until used, at which point they crumble into dust. So long as a shaman has a prepared fetish (or another character has one of the shaman's prepared fetishes) the shaman doesn't regain the spell slot the spell used. A shaman knows a number of spells as per Table 3-30: Shaman Spells Known. At each level there after a Shaman gains additional spells as per this chart. A shaman may select to gain these spells from the Common Arcane and Shaman spell lists in Chapter Eight. A shaman may prepare a number of fetishes as per Table 3-29: Shaman Spells Per Day. A Shaman gains a number of additional spells based on his Intelligence score as per page 206, Table 7-1: Bonus Spells.

pg. 61, Familiar: The shaman no longer gains the Familiar special ability.

pg. 61: Shamans now gain the Totem Animal special ability (as per Barbarians or Druids) at 1st level. However the shaman doesn't gain an animal companion.

pg. 61: Shamans now gain the Summon Totem Spirit special ability at 1st level. Once per day the shaman may summon a creature of the same type as your totem. Some more powerful totems will not issue this aid to a weak shaman and require a shaman to be of higher level before they will send aid. If your shaman's totem is any of the following he may summon it at 1st level: Badger, camel, (dire) rat, dog, eagle, hawk, horse (light or heavy), owl, pony, (medium) viper or wolf. An aquatic shaman or a shaman with the aquatic favored terrain may select shark, dolphin, crocodile, squid or porpoise. The summoned creature will remain for 2 hours per character level. If it is slain, it cannot be summoned again for 24 hours. The summoned totem improves as per the chart on page 36 of the D&D Player's Handbook entitled “The Druid's Animal Companion.” At higher levels when a druid would be able to get a new animal companion a shaman may summon their totem animal (i.e. a Bison, a tiger or a giant squid.)

pg. 61: At level 4 and every 4 levels there after the shaman gains a bonus feat. This must be an item creation feat or a metamagic feat.

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