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Returning to the Accordlands...where do we go?
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Author:  BoyHostage [ Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Returning to the Accordlands...where do we go?

In my first dm'ing adventure I ran the campaign book just after the set came out. The setting was new to the players save for my wife, and they enjoyed it a fair bit. So after a couple quick games in my homebrew world they've requested a return to WotA, and I agreed as I wouldn't mind doing the same. The only problem is, I'm lacking a real idea of what to do next.

They've already battled Medusan Lords, so that's not all that interesting to me. I'm leaning towards involving the Stolen Destinies cult somehow, or perhaps just some basic adventure with the warlord backdrop. Ideas? Imput?

Author:  jparks [ Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Returning to the Accordlands...where do we go?

I would look at taking some pre-made adventures and adapting them to the Accordlands. For instance I took the first part of Anauroch: The Empire of Shade and placed the Windsong tower on the Isle of Secrets. I changed the story but kept most of the encounters.

You could also take any of the stories and turn them into a mini-adventure. Here is an example of what I did with Broken Ivory:

Rustiq Umbala, and undead human raised by the elves, leads an undead army into Cornith bent on taking Aarak Spire. His plan is simple, round up the remaining living inhabitants of Cornith and corral them at the base of the Spire. Then commence the slaughtering for all in the Spire to see. At this time his wizards will assault the shield and hope to break the defenses.


This time you get to play elves and undead. You can choose from any undead from any of the books. If you find an undead template you can use either human or elf as the base creature. Your characters will have an ECL 14. If you find an undead that doesn't have a level adjustment in the entry you will need it approved first. For stats you will be using a 28-point buy . Starting gold 150k with a max of 50k on any one item.

Your characters have been assigned to lead the assault into the Spire as soon as the shield has been destroyed.

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