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Naram-Sin: a newbie's try 
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Post Naram-Sin: a newbie's try
Hi everybody! I'm new to the game. Having tried several factions playing other people's decks, I've decided to play the Chosen. Naram-Sin, to be specific. So, here's the decklist I'm trying to run:

2x Shonta
3x Forest People

3x Harvest
3x Redu Tam
2x The Seed
1x Mistress Sanai
1x Yil-Grayl
2x Garowl
2x Mistress Tamine
2x Amends
2x Enhe
1x Mistress Dagani

3x Aegis
2x Cure Lethal Wounds
3x Divine Guidance
2x Obliterate
2x Putrescence

2x Blessed Vestments
1x Earth Mephit
2x Bruntor's Helm
2x Maul of Justice
2x Griffon of Misear
2x Chariot of Shell
2x Ring of the Savant

I've tried the deck several times against a friend's Krenthor Gouge and it won half the games played. Still, I'm not very happy with the result. I keep getting the feeling that 25 characters isn't enough. Ranks keep breaking down. The 3rd rank is too often empty - it makes playing level 4 guys illegal. Items are too many and of little use. 2x items keep appearing in pairs at the same time. Thralls die too rarely - Sanai never got 3 charges on her. Moreover, most of thalls in play, except Harvest, Redu Tam and The Seed are too valuable as rank-holders to be sacrificed. It's quite a dilemma...The Forest People are bad starters - they're too fragile and they do nothing but get killed. By the time one of them's level 3 other two are dead and the rank's broken.

That's most of the deck's problems. One additional problem is the general environment - everyone in the store plays whatever he's got so 4E decks pretty often get to play against Open. I'm unfamiliar to the threats of the Open - are the Chosen viable in such conditions at all? What can be done with the deck without trying to get old cards? I'd prefer keeping the deck 4E-legal just in the case...

Please, advise me on the deck. Thanks in advance!

Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:39 am
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Post Re: Naram-Sin: a newbie's try
First of all, welcome to Warlord! Second, picking The Chosen is probably the hardest faction to start with, but they are pretty cool.

If rank holding is an issue, try starting a The Devoted with two more in the deck. Right now they are the best rank holders for The Chosen. I would cut out the 2x Enhe for the two in the deck. To replace the other two forest people try Duanna. She can be recurred for further killing to add to Mistress Sanai's charges.

Your actions/items look pretty solid. The only issue I see with them is there's a possibility for a dead hand turn 1-2 if you get the fighter stuff. Try cutting the 2x Griffons for another Chariot and another maul. I haven't tried Obliterate in my Naram, but it looks like an awesome addition to the deck.

The Chosen vs. Open = bad. The Chosen are a brand new faction to 4E, so if you plan on making an open deck with them you have only the 4E characters to pick from.

I wrote up a small guide to Naram in another thread called "The Chosen of 4E: Naram-Sin". Check it out and see if it helps any. :)

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Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:21 am
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Post Re: Naram-Sin: a newbie's try
In my mind the chosen are the hardest faction but the most fun. That said I think you picked the toughest warlord of that faction to build and play well. So if you can pull it off, kudos, I hope he gets a ton of support in the next chosen deck.

Oremm wrote:
Galam goes around killing things all willy-nilly, so the charges get silly

Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:46 am
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Post Re: Naram-Sin: a newbie's try
Divine Barrier? Blood For Blood? Perhaps a Bloodoak Staff? Chirurgery Kit? Havat-lahn Stance, since it gets the bonus from Sin's ability? A shame so few of the Thralls are fighters, Outmatched could be good too.
Unsure if Cure Lethal is worth it, but you'd know that one better than I.
I'd put in a third Amends.
Harem Guard seems like it could be good.
Maybe Pazu-Gara? Not sure if he's worth the slot.
Perhaps Redu-Bir for extra defense for Sin. Same with The Vessel.
Maybe Sharru. Get opposing frontliners out of your face.
The Wheat for holding ranks for those vital first couple turns? Or even starting a The Plentiful?

The main problem seems to be your start. The Devoted tends to be the standard answer, but that slows down Sin's rate of hulking-out.
I think you need to decide whether it's worth slowing down slightly to make it so you don't die. Switch out a Forest People for The Devoted (with two more in the deck) and start, instead of one Shonta (do keep one) something like The Earth or The Plentiful. Something so your ranks don't just disintegrate. Hell, a wizard and some defensive wizard stuff like Illusory Form and Disorient. Something to just stall out the opponent a little, without resorting to Spend React healing from Sin.

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Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:06 pm
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