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Alternate Formats 
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Post Alternate Formats
I know players are always looking for alternate formats to play this game, and I came across this in a word doc on my old computer, feel free to try them out:
Starting Army was:
Level 2- Level 2- Level 2
Level 3- Level 3
Level 8 Overlord
Your deck could only contain level 2, 3 and 8 cards (actions, items, characters, and I guess the CR of a dungeon now).

Medusanlord- Just let people make decks as if they actually had the cards, and using the Medusanlord as your warlord.

You could also institute an increase in minimum deck size to something insane like 250 cards, to make for an interesting game (could definitely see this in open).

ABC format (must have 1 character for each letter A to Z, and 1 action/item for each letter A to Z)

3-set Format (You choose any 3 expansions (usually a minimum of 1 base set (such as EE, CE, Saga, or BK)), and make a deck using cards only from those expansions).

No limit (no limit on the amount of characters that can be in a deck, so someone could run a 50 card deck with all characters)

Gauntlet (each player has three DIFFERENT decks, they then use Deck A against Deck A 1st game, Deck B against Deck B second game and Deck C against Deck C third game)

Godzilla (minumum deck size 100, must have at least 50 characters, and no character can be below level 4.)

Highlander (of course)


All-rare (all cards, except the starting army, must be rares or promos)

Unique Warlords (You start the game with three characters who have the Unique/Epic trait in play, with combined levels less than 15)

Pentagon (5-way multiplayer game, A, B, C, D, E are arranged from left to right in a pentagon.
A can only attack D and C, and B can only attack E and D, etc. The first one to eliminate their two opponents wins.

Vanilla Wars (characters in your deck may not have any printed abilities other than ranged strikes)


Assassins (multiplayer) (everyone writes their name on a piece of paper, and puts it in a bag, each person picks one at random, they can't pick themselves. the name they get is their assassins mark. After you kill your mark, you attain any marks that person had, if you kill someone who wasn't one of your marks, no one gets their marks. you get one point for each mark you killed, plus two points if you were the last one alive)

Super Blitz (all orders becomes "(Spend) React: Before you perform an action:", 8 card hand sizes, and all characters enter in half their rank rounded up (level 3 in 2nd, level 4 in 2nd, level 5 in 3rd, etc.)

Chaos (Beginning of each turn before the ready phase, roll a die, for a special effect to happen, make a list, example of things that could be on the list: 1) All characters in play suffer one wound, 2) Characters in play do not ready as normal, 3) kill all level 1s in play, etc.)

Dreams and Nightmares (First game, each player chooses 5 cards to be their Dream hand, 2nd game, each player looks through their opponent's deck and chooses 5 cards for their opponent to start with, 3rd game, play as normal).

Emperor (3v3 multiplayer, you have an emperor, and 2 flanks adjacent to the emperor).
Usually order of play goes, EmpA, EmpB, FlankB1, FlankA1, FlankA2, FlankB2. Emperors have a range of 2, so that they can only attacks the flanks. Flanks have a range of 1, so that they can only attack the players to their left or right. First team to kill the opposing emperor wins.

Lich - if you have no cards left in your deck, you lose. Deck size must be exactly 50 (44 after starting army) cards, whenever a character suffers a wound, you may remove that many cards from the top of your deck from the game instead. Whenever you would remove a wound, you may instead place that many cards from your discard pile on the bottom of your deck.

Melee - Multiplayer - You can only target characters in the army to your left. Get 1 point for each warlord you kill, and 1 point for being the last alive, most points wins.

Siege - 3 player multiplayer. 2 vs. 1. The person who is getting attacked by 2 people gets an additional level 1, 2, 3, and 4 character to start in play, and gains a 6 card hand size.

Vanguard - Your warlord is considered to have the same text as a chosen medusanlord (just the standard text on the medusanlord, not his items, and not the text that says that he starts with those items in play).
for example:
Master K - 10 card hand size

Cear - If Cear is wounded by a melee strike from Logan Ebonwoulfe with the Knives of Betrayal attached, Cear is killed. React: Before you perform an action, discard the top card of your deck: move a rogue in your army forward or backward one rank.

Bhaine - May equip 2 Weapons. Melee strikes and ranged strikes targeting this character by a character with Soul Stealer equipped inflict 2 additional wounds. May not be killed by card effects. May cast 1st through 3rd level cleric spells.

Nassiral Hate - Any player may spend the Eye of Morghen as a React when this character casts a spell to cancel it. Order: OPT: inflict a wound or remove a wound from a nothrog in play; Spend Order: Get a nothrog character from your deck and add it in your hand.

Queen of Syneri - React: After an opposing character is killed, search your deck or discard pile for undead characters up to the combined level of the killed character and put them into play in the first rank. If the opposing Warlord is Atu Amani, all characters put into play in this way are spent.

The Terror of Ithan Spire - Gains reaver trait, May only attach items with "Eyestalk" in the title. Begins the game with any number of items attached. Actions on items can be 1 additional rank away. Items have +5 DC. Other characters may not target the Terror's items.
May not target Kerebrus with actions from items.

Death - React: Cancel an action targeting this character from a character more than 2 ranks away.

Mithglynn - would have to be banned, restricted, or in this case, use the bow instead of her.

Eial Darkfeather - gains Astral, If Uriel is the opposing Warlord, this character loses the Astral trait.
Order: Once per turn, move forward or backward up to 3 ranks.

Dexton Feldark - When drawing cards, draw 3 additional cards. Cards in your hand may not be targeted by your opponent. Your Free Kingdoms characters within one rank have +5 AC and gain an additional strike with a base of +0.
Inquisitor Chyre gains an additional strike while opposing this character.

Silas Tzin - May not target characters with Limited Wish equipped unless there are no other legal targets. Your deck and hand may not be targeted by opponents. This character may not be killed or moved by opposing card effects.

Masticus Aedroud - Your items may not be trageted by opponent's card effects. Your other paladins gain +1 level, +3 ATK, +3 AC, +1 HP and +2 Skill. Masticus may cast level 1&2 cleric spells.
React: Kill another character in your army: Ready this character.

Cassica Moonseed - Sorcha has +5 skill while opposing this character.
May not be targeted with melee strikes while there is another legal target in her army or opposing players' actions while there is another character in her army.

Avinaar Esmirik - cannot be spent or stunned by card effects.
Kara Wadreth has +2 hit points when opposing Avinaar.

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Post Re: Alternate Formats
Cool post, stickied.

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Psh, im from kentucky. I rode him for YEARS

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Post Re: Alternate Formats
I played a game of Kerebrus Siege last night. It was Xiathe and Loki vs General Lund. Had a blast! Thanks for posting this!

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there are five people on this website anymore, Woodrow: me you, Nihil, Wendy, and they guy who loves Trench as a warlord. You can't afford to disagree. WE NEED THESE TOURNEY KITS!!!!!

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Post Re: Alternate Formats
I really want to try the Vanguard format!

Mon May 20, 2013 10:27 am
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